How it works ….

Team Captains – 10 Teams

On November 1 we advertised nationally seeking “Expressions of Interest” for Trainers, Owners, and/or Media personalities to lead a syndicate as the “Team Captain”.

Team Captains have now been selected for the 10 syndicates – 6 Trainers, 2 Owners, 2 Media outlets. The Media teams, Team RSN and Team SEN are being managed by greyhound experts.

Each Team Captain is an industry leader in their conduct, presentation, success and belief in the vibrant future for our industry.

Selected Team Captains have committed $5000 to the greyhound Helping Hand Fund.

All Trainers will work under the 50/50 prize money scheme generally accepted in the greyhound industry.


Draft Prospects – 30 greyhound pups

Agent George Farrugia has purchased and arranged rearing of 30 puppies.

All greyhounds are less than 12 months of age.

All properties being used for the rearing of the puppies have a history of a very high rearing to racing ratio.

  • Martin Hallinan, Orange NSW
  • Deb Cannon, Mangalore TAS
  • Trent Anderson, Yetholme NSW


Live Draft Broadcast – 16th December 2018, 10am

At 10am on Sunday December 16th a live broadcast and stream of the 2018 National Greyhound Draft will take place. In the meantime, we invite you to view the 30 greyhounds (Draft Prospects) and the credentials of the Team Captains.

During the one hour show Team Captains will make draft choices, 3 in total and by the end of the show we will have 10 teams of 3 greyhound puppies per team.


Syndicate Cost and Shares

During the live draft broadcast, viewers may register their non-binding interest live on-line to join one of the 10 teams with the view to buy a 5% share in the syndicate at a cost of $2,550. No one may register their interest in more than one 5% share in any one team (see FAQ).

It is the first 20 who register their Expression of Interest in a particular team who have first option to join that syndicate. 

Beyond the first 20 we will hold a waiting list and offer spots in a team you have nominated, if all places aren’t taken following the distribution of the PDS and applications form.

The first 20 who express their interest in each team will be sent a PDS with full details of the offer and will then have 72 hours to complete the application form, view and accept the terms of the offer contained in the PDS. There is no obligation by simply expressing your interest.

This offer will be accompanied by a copy of the product disclosure statement (PDS). Anyone wishing to accept the offer will need to complete the application form that will accompany the PDS.


Please do your homework!

View the bio and videos on each 30 draft prospects.

View the credentials of our ten Team Captains on this website. They are our industry’s leaders.

A model PDS will be available on this site, please read and understand the offer. Immediately the draft is complete we will match details of the 3 chosen draft prospects with details of the Team Captians and create 10 PDS supplements for each team.

Live updates will be screened on-air throughout the live draft broadcast showing the level of interest in each of the team.

Draft order will be a random draw at the top of the show and then the Captain of Team 1

Team 1: choices 1, 20 and 21

Team 2: choices 2, 19 and 22

Team 3: choices 3, 18 and 23

Team 4: choices 4, 17 and 24

Team 5: choices 5 16 and 25

Team 6: choices 6, 15 and 26

Team 7: choices 7, 14 and 27

Team 8: choices 8, 13 and 28

Team 9 choices 9, 12 and 29

Team 10: choices 10,11 and 30


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